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Sober Living

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Sober Living

If our clients do not have a place to live, we can help with this as we are associated with Freedom House Sober Living. Freedom House offers sober living homes to those struggling with addiction and have a desire to change. These homes are not self-run as many sober living houses are. They have rules, responsibilities and consequences that encourage long term recovery. Clients cannot live in sober living or attend IOP if they are actively using drugs or alcohol. If a client has a positive drug screen, administrators give their residents a choice to attend detox/treatment or leave the home.  The administrators will coordinate this residential treatment, driving them to the treatment center if required.


We do the same for those not in sober living. Unfortunately, not all residents select this option, but it is there for them and oftentimes they will call back in a short period and take advantage of the offer. We have relationships with multiple treatment facilities throughout the state and can usually find a bed immediately. We assure clients are picked up and taken to the treatment facility if they want to do this.

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